5 Steps to Instantly Boost Your TOEFL Score!


Getting a one-way ticket can only take you to one place, but, getting a good TOEFL score can actually take you to so many places! (especially if you’re planning to work or study abroad). As a universal indicator to measure one’s English proficiency, passing The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) can indeed get difficult. 

Some may have never taken the test before, or have already failed to get the score they aim for a thousand times, but it’s okay-Wait, no, it’s PERFECT since we’d basically get to keep practicing from our previous mistakes.

Practicing.. however.. needs a certain technique as well… So, we’ve compiled the most fundamental techniques, check these out!

1. Familiarize yourself with English

Watch movies of any language with an English subtitle! Read books! Listen to podcasts or audiobooks! Soon enough, you’ll get familiar with the grammar and have a better English instinct.

2. Practice makes perfect!

For materials, you can buy a TOEFL practice book or surf the internet for sample questions. Practice continuously to get yourself accustomed to the questions. Look out for the time you spent on each section as well!

3. Identify areas where you need improvement

Figure your weak spots! Is it that you process the questions too slowly? Is it that you lack listening skills? Practice and find out!

4. Learn how the scoring system work

The TOEFL test has a different number of questions and scores in each section. By knowing the weight of the score, you can find out what the minimum amount is to get the score you want.

5. Strong motivation

Finally, but just as importantly, ask yourself what you are doing this test for! With the right motivation, you’ll surely increase your enthusiasm and will be able to give your best efforts in getting the best score you can get!

Good enough? Are we missing something? Leave your feedback and let’s help each other out. 

Let’s all do our best!

Written by Fauzi Ahmad Warimin
Copyedited by OIA Fikom 2021 (Tasha, Tazkya, Sherica)

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