Universitas Padjadjaran's Faculty of Communication Sciences offers nine programs consisting seven undergraduate and two postgraduate programs.

These programs are managed under three different departments.

The first one is the Department of Communication and Information, which manages the Communication Sciences (Bachelor) Program, the Library and Information Sciences (Bachelor) Program, the Communication Sciences (Master) Program, and the Communication Sciences (Doctoral) Program

The second one is the Department of Mass Communication, which manages the Journalism (Bachelor) Program, the Television and Film (Bachelor) Program, as well as the Media Production Management (Applied Bachelor) Program

The third one is the Department of Corporate Communication, which manages the Communication Management (Bachelor) Program and the Public Relations (Bachelor) Program.

This website is managed by the faculty's Office of International Affairs.

OIA exists to bridge the faculty’s international communication and facilitate the students with international opportunities. 

Initiated in 2020, OIA was first headed by Nindi Aristi. By 2021 and up to now, the head position shifted to Elnovani Lusiana

The faculty’s OIA is also helped by the student interns, or the Upgraders. The students are specifically responsible for the maintenance of our social links, including this website.