Opportunities DUE December 2021

December Opportunities

It is cold outside, somewhere it’s rainy and somewhere it’s snowy. Still, the colourful fireworks will keep us warm inside because this is the end of the year! Let’s celebrate this end of the year with enthusiasm to learn and a willingness to keep growing for the next journey ahead. Don’t forget to treat yourself for your hard work throughout the year. Have you prepared plans for next year? If not, please have a look at the following opportunities to fill your plan out!

PROGRAM: Hong Kong PhD Fellowship
DEADLINE: 1 December 2021
CATEGORY: Fellowship
1. Eligible candidates should first make an Initial Application online through the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme Electronic System (HKPFSES) to obtain an HKPFS Reference Number by 1 December 2021 at Hong Kong Time 12:00:00 before submitting applications for PhD admission to their desired universities.
2. Applicants may choose up to two programmes/departments at one or two universities for PhD study under HKPFS 2022/23. They should comply with the admission requirements of their selected universities and programmes.
3. As the deadlines for applications to some of the universities may immediately follow that of the Initial Application, candidates should submit initial applications as early as possible to ensure that they have sufficient time to submit applications to universities.

– City University of Hong KongHong Kong Baptist University
– Lingnan University
– The Chinese University of Hong Kong
– The Education University of Hong Kong
-The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
– The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
– The University of Hong Kong

PROGRAM: 2022 Monbukagakusho (MEXT) Scholarship
DEADLINE: 15 December 2021
CATEGORY: Scholarship

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