Opportunities DUE December 2021

December Opportunities

It is cold outside, somewhere it’s rainy and somewhere it’s snowy. Still, the colorful fireworks will keep us warm inside because this is the end of the year! Let’s celebrate this end of the year with enthusiasm to learn and a willingness to keep growing for the next journey ahead. Don’t forget to treat yourself for your hard work throughout the year. Have you prepared plans for next year? If not, please have a look at the following opportunities to fill your plan out!

Opportunities DUE November 2021

November Opportunities

Leaves, sweet potatoes, and turkey. Everyone is thankful for the month of Thanksgiving. Let’s welcome November with gratitude and a new perspective of thinking. What do you want to achieve this month? Take a look at these upcoming opportunities!

Opportunities DUE October 2021

October Opportunities

The spell has begun. October! A time for cooler autumn breezes, pumpkin-spiced aromas, spooky stories and things that go bump in the night! Stand up, drop every fear, and give your best shots on these opportunities due in October!

Opportunities DUE September 2021

September Opportunities

Let go of the things that are no longer good for you and everything in your life will be peaceful. Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go, because when you let go, you create more space for better things to enter your life. September is the perfect time for the good things to come to you through these available opportunities…

Opportunities DUE August 2021

August Opportunities

The moral value that we can take from the independence of a hero is not just one’s physical strength, but also their sense of wanting to keep fighting and never giving up to get what one really wants, ups and downs in failure are also successes. Be brave to take the opportunities that exist. Here are the opportunities that exist…

Opportunities DUE July 2021

July Opportunities

Chapter 7 of 12. We have already passed half a year and are still counting. You will realize that the previous month was meaningful and was a lesson for you. Welcome July, hopefully you will give these opportunities a shot this month…

Opportunities DUE June 2021

June Opportunities

Green grass grew with vigor, trees, and fruit humming under the hot sun that stood proudly in the sky. Oh June, he came to bless us with high spirits. The spirit that brings change, what changes will you make for the future? Here’s your chance to be the change maker…

Opportunities DUE May 2021

May Opportunities

May has come to make the flowers bloom gracefully, the souls are astonished at its peace. A feeling of peace makes the heart so spirited. The spirit leads to progress, what if you make progress for yourself? Check this month’s opportunities!

Opportunities DUE April 2021

April Opportunities

After the Latin word ‘aperire’ was April named, meaning ‘to open’. Let’s open ourselves up to new opportunities coming this month! Leave your doubts and take one of these following opportunities!