Fikom Unpad’s #WeeklyTakeover with Theo

At this #WeeklyTakeover, Theo talked about his experience as an international student from Rwanda.

Rutambuka Theogene is a 2021.2 batch Masters’ student in Universitas Padjadjaran‘s Faculty of Communication Sciences. He hasn’t chosen his study concentration yet since he’s spending this semester learning the Indonesian language.

Theo had previously studied “Modern Languages” at the University of Rwanda for his bachelor degree. But, he wanted to study communication because he believes that there are so many opportunities in the communication area around the globe.

Fortunately, Theo didn’t encounter any culture shock during his time in Indonesia. In fact, he’s surprised that everyone he’s meeting, whether the ones in the malls or markets, are so eager to help him. He also mentioned that he was well-supported by Universitas Padjadjaran ever since he arrived at the airport for the first time in Indonesia.

Theo is currently staying at the dormitory with other international students. They spent a lot of time together, including for free-times. They’d either play soccer for sports or “jalan-jalan” (travelling) to Bandung to refresh their minds.

Make sure that you get to meet Theo if you’re in Jatinangor!

Experience the whole takeover here:

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