(motorcycle taxi)

The most preferable motorcycle taxi service for Unpad students (due to the convenience of ordering, price rate clarity, and immediate availability of the driver which will pick you up at your location of order).

The estimated price rate for travel around Jatinangor is around Rp.9.000,00 –  Rp.11.000,00.

This conservative motorcycle taxis can be an alternative option, they usually have their own spot to stay and wait for passengers.

The advantage of using this transportation service is that you can bargain the price rate starting from Rp.5.000,00.



May transport you

  • to campus from Hegarmanah area.
  • if you want to travel around Cileunyi and Sumedang.

Can take you to Sayang area and Gede Bage area.



Highly affordable transportion option if you’re going to Bandung.

Damri has variative routes (Ex : Damri route “Jatinangor – Leuwi Panjang (Bandung)”, “Jatinangor – Dipatiukur”)

You can find Damri in front of Unpad’s main entrance (Gerlam), then proceed to board on.

The payment will be collected by the mid or at the end of the travel.


For shuttle route Jatinangor – Bandung (Pasteur), students generally use Arnes or Pasteur shuttle service, as they both have similar facility and price

Normal rates/fees is Rp15.000, but during the pandemic, the fees/rates go up to Rp25.000

(Fees can change at any time)


This service will be available immediately once you enter the campus of Universitas Padjadjaran in Jatinangor via the main entrance (Gerlam).

The vehicle will stop at multiple faculties along its route.