Fikom Unpad’s #WeeklyTakeover with Ijat

At this #WeeklyTakeover, Ijat talked about his class, stress, and time management.

Raihan Sabili Izzati Solihin is a 2020 batch student majoring in Communication Sciences in Universitas Padjadjaran’s Faculty of Communication Sciences.

“Communication Theories” is Ijat’s favourite Communication Class. Ijat said that in this class, there are so many “aha!” moments. He was fascinated to know that our daily life is filled with communication theories.

Ijat also talked about how he managed his time despite his busy schedule, he usually uses google calendar and makes a to-do list every night to keep up with his activities for the whole day. In addition, since a busy schedule can easily burn a student out, he’d sometimes take a rest for a while by sleeping or watching his favourite series.

Last, fun fact: Ijat can speak Thai! What an inspiration!

Experience the whole takeover here:

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