Fikom Unpad’s #WeeklyTakeover with Aldrich

At this #WeeklyTakeover, Aldrich talked about his ideas on career and education.

Vincentius Salvatore Aldrich Johari Putra was a 2017 batch student majoring in Communication Sciences in Universitas Padjadjaran‘s Faculty of Communication Sciences

One of Aldrich’s goals in learning is to enhance his communication and critical thinking skills. Therefore when asked about his favorite lecturer, he said that his favorites are those who helped him to turn both theories into practice. He found it in campaign and propaganda, digital media project, and interpersonal communication courses. However, he emphasized that everyone can still develop their competencies as long as they are enthusiastic with the course regardless of who taught it.

Aldrich’s most life changing memory in Fikom Unpad was when he decided to be a head in three organizations, participate in one competition, and accept an offer as Event PIC (Person In Charge) at the same period. Experiencing it all made him realize the importance of time management skills. Since then, he was taught to balance academic activities and non-academic activities. While acquiring the skill, Aldrich became more mature in facing challenges and solution-oriented.

According to Aldrich, there are four conditions that will help fresh graduates to get their first job. The first one is knowing themselves. By knowing themselves, they will be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Aldrich suggested focusing on roles that can enhance strengths while they can still take care of their weaknesses. The second is broadening their networks so they can get a job via reference. The third is being hungry for new skills that will help them compete with other job applicants. The last one is to be patient and optimistic. He said, “Do the best and let God do the rest.”

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