Fikom Unpad’s #WeeklyTakeover with Louis

At this #WeeklyTakeover, Louis talked about his routine, pawrent, and homies. 

Louis is a dog of Dita, a 2020.2 batch Master’s student majoring in Media Studies in Universitas Padjadjaran’s Faculty of Communication Sciences.

Louis’ routine is basically filled with an endless cycle of potty breaks, eating, and playing. Also, strange enough, but Louis usually babysits his homies! 

Louis has six potty breaks and it always starts and ends with a race with his pawrent. At the takeover, Louis gave some tips for pawrents who’d like to connect with their pawkids. As for Louis and his pawrent, they communicate mostly through nonverbal signs.

Other than his pawrent, Louis has other homies, such as Percy-chan (and his family) the hamsters & Lindsay the flowerhorn fish. Louis added how Lindsay is a cool interior designer. He likes to form a diagonal line from scattered shells. Does anyone want to hire Lindsay?

Experience the whole takeover here:

Fikom Unpad’s #WeeklyTakeover with Louis

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