Fikom Unpad’s #WeeklyTakeover with Rahma

At this #WeeklyTakeover, Rahma talked about  her semester break activities and major. 

Rahma Aishandra is a 2020 batch student majoring in Public Relations in Universitas Padjadjaran‘s Faculty of Communication Sciences.

Rahma is currently on a semester break. During this time, she chose to do some of her hobbies such as painting, taking pictures, and playing basketball. Also, she does self-healing activities because she said that she deserves it. So do we all!  

Rahma showed us around where she plays basketball at Universitas Padjadjaran. This includes the basketball courts at the Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences, Faculty of Communication Sciences, and Bale Santika. Her number one favorite is Bale Santika indoor basketball court because she can play through all the storms and sun. 

At last, Rahma briefly explained about her major, Public Relations. She told us that Public Relations is a strategic communication process that creates beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics. The role of Public Relations is to be the bridge between organizations and publics to create mutual understanding.

Experience the whole takeover here:

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